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Supervisors & Staff

Board of Supervisors:

James Hribar - President
Mr. Hribar is the President and has served the UHCD Board for over 10 years.  He operates a cattle ranch North of Walsenburg.

Jack Fischer - Vice-President

Mr. Fischer has served the UHCD Board for 5 years as an associate member and in June of 2009 was appointed an official member and in May of 2014 was elected Vice-President.  He operates a custom funiture business located South of Walsenburg.

Ronald Busch - Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Busch is the Secretary/Treasurer and has served the UHCD Board for over 25 years.  He operates a cattle ranch East of Walsenburg.

Suzanne Keyes - Board Member
Mrs. Keyes was appointed in May of 2012.

Dustin Hribar - Board Member

Mr.Hribar was appointed in July of 2016.

Office Staff:

Donald Sanchez - Conservation Technician Contractor
Mr. Sanchez was hired as a Conservation Technician in 2007.  He works part-time assisting landowners with requests for conservation technicial assistance.  Mr. Sanchez has over 45 years working with landowners on conservation projects here in Huerfano County.

Jennifer Lopez - District Manager
Ms. Lopez was hired in October of 2008 as the District Manager.  She has a degree in Computer Information Systems.

To Contact us:

711 Walsen Avenue, Suite A          Phone: (719) 738-1171
Walsenburg, CO 81089                 Fax:     (719) 738-4873

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