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About UHCD

The Upper Huerfano Conservation District was orgaized in 1940 under Colorado's Soil Conservation District Law.  Since 1940 the size of the district has increased from 341,760 acres to its current size of 925,949 acres in Huerfano County and northern Las Animas County.

The climate of the land within the district reanges from plains to alpine.

The purpose of the District is to promote the wise use of natural resources on each area of land and to treat each acre according to its needs as follows:

  • Promote the use of agricultural land by protecting it against all foms of deterioration.

  • Rebuild eroded and depeted soils, stabilizing critical runoff and sediment-producing areas.

  • Improve grasslands, woodlands, wildlife and recreation lands.

  • Conserve ater for irrigation and recreation and promote proper agricultural drainage and irrigation.

Concerns of the UHCD:

  • Rangelands/Pasture Land Health

  • Forest Land Health

  • Water Quality/Quantity

  • Wildlife Habitat

  • Special Projects, including Education

To contact us:

711 Walsen Avenue, Suite A          District # (719) 695-3335
Walsenburg, CO 81089    NRCS # (719) 695-3336 & (719) 695-3337           

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